The School District of Superior Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to helping Superior High School students strengthen the foundations of their learning by granting scholarships for post-secondary study.  Scholarship Foundation funds support challenging, enriching activities that kindle curiosity and creativity, stretch the intellect, enhance global understanding, and broaden the foundation of knowledge and experience.

The mission of the Superior Scholarship Foundation is to secure, manage, and administer funds for the benefit of the students and graduates of the School District of Superior.

The vision of the Superior Scholarship Foundation is to provide resources for all students, faculty, and staff who want to improve and/or continue their or others education by providing supporting funds.

Contact us at: (715) 394-8710 or [email protected]

Anne Porter, President
Mark Fruehauf, Vice President
Don Nummi, Secretary
Jeremy Egnash, Treasurer
Marc Campbell
Jeff Cushman
Andrew Donahue
Anna Downs
Aaron Fezzey
Parrish Jones
Steve Kimmes
Ella Olson
Steve Olson
Taylor Pedersen
Amy Starzecki
Krista Soderstrom
Michelle Baddin, Executive Director
Ann Schultz, Administrative Assistant
Cheryl Strum, Administrative Assistant


Executive Committee
The goal of the Executive Committee is to support the Board and increase the effectiveness of the Foundation by bridging communications between the committees, Board, and staff.

Marketing Committee
The goal of the Marketing Committee is to increase awareness of the Foundation: its purpose, benefits to students, and ways to support it.

Fundraising Committee
The goal of the Fundraising Committee is to develop a five-year plan to raise additional funds to support scholarships for Superior High School students and graduates.

Finance Committee
The goal of the Finance Committee is to account for funds, maintain strong investments, and keep expenses low so students receive the maximum financial support that is possible.