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These flyers are distributed as a courtesy to families in the School District of Superior; however, distribution does not imply that the School District endorses or approves the activities or viewpoints promoted in these materials.  

Please email flyers to [email protected] for approval in a png format.


Sign Up Here for After School

four corners
Sign Up Here for Four Corners Before School

before school care through YMCA


basketball camp
lions camp

summer dance

4H Flyer
4H Flyer

cooking class

northwoods app


football camp
football camp
umd camp

summer camp

adult mental health

uw extension

HDC Reach Out

District Events and Information

  • REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION FOR DISABLED PERSONS The director of human resource, who is the ADA Compliance Officer, shall ensure that the following notice is made a part of each communication concerning a District activity to which the public is invited: "Upon request to the director of human resource, the District shall make reasonable accommodation including the provision of informational material in an alternative format for a disabled person to be able to participate in this activity." 
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