The Superior School Forest

The Superior School Forest offers all students in the Superior School District a unique learning experience in a natural setting. Our school forest is located approximately 20 miles south of the city of Superior. The property consists of over 700 acres of a beautiful mixed forest of towering white pines and mixed hardwoods. Students who visit our outdoor classroom learn how math, writing, history and science have "real life" applications, how human decisions impact nature and how nature impacts humans, and possibly most importantly, how to work together as a team. In the process, students often leave our site having learned a lot about themselves!

teacher lori danz

Lori Danz

School Forest Coordinator
2155 East School Forest Rd
Foxboro, WI 54836

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2023 Teacher of the Year
Lori Danz was named 2023 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Read the full news release HERE.
teacher of the year