Online Training Steps

 1. Login to your Superior School District email account.
 2. Open the email from Public School Works with the subject of "Training--New Enrollment."
(If you haven't received this email, you can use the alternative pathway to login by going to:  Public School Works Login. Then skip to step 4 below.)
 3. Click on the link within that email titled "Click here to start your training. You will be brought to the login page of Public School Works.
 4. Enter your user name (email address) and password (year of birth).
 5. You will be brought to a screen titled, "Your Login Info." Make any changes needed to your Occupation or Site and then click on the button "Click here when correct."
 6. You will be brought to a screen titled, "Your Course List." This screen shows you all the courses in which you have been enrolled.
 7. For each course shown click on "Start Course."
 8. After you successfully complete each course (and test where applicable) the course will be removed from your course list and move over to your transcript page.
 10. At the end of certain parts of the training, you may be asked if you want to print a certificate. There is no need to print certificates to any training, including the DPI child abuse and neglect training, as the online training system will automatically let the District Office know you have completed it.
 11. Most classes provide an audio script.  You have the option to silence the audio and move through the slides in silence.