Superior School District is fully committed to the health and safety of all faculty, staff, students, and visitors.  The district believes that occupant safety and a healthy environment are important factors in the functioning of the total educational program, making the district schools a better place to learn and work, creating positive relationships with the entire community, and preparing students to be responsible citizens and to work safely in the community.

The District's Safety Committee helps the district meet its on-going safety commitment.  Pursuant to this commitment each employee completes Mandatory Employee Training.  Each employee is expected to know how to report an accident, find and use a fire extinguisher and also how to access a Material Data Safety Sheet.  

Safety  in Superior School District Buildings

School Safety practices, procedures and protocols

Each building has First Aid Kits.  First aid kits should be kept in places where all staff members can easily locate them; the health office, kitchen and custodial office.  Staff members should make a point to locate their building's first aid kits in a time of non-emergency in order to be prepared for an emergency.  Kits are taken on all off-site field trips.

Each building has an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)and some buildings have more than one.  Staff members are directed to familiarize themselves with where these are located in their buildings.

Key people are identified at each building yearly who are CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), AED and First Aid certified; however, an AED can be used by anybody in the time of an emergency.  Once the AED is turned on, it talks a person through the use of the machine and also talks them through the procedures to follow for CPR.  

Environmental Health & Safety Plans
The School District of Superior has several health and safety plans in place, ranging from chemical hygiene to fire protection.  You can access these plans here:
Environmental Health & Safety Plans

Annual Asbestos Notice
Asbestos Notification

Tools for Schools Safety Tips
Follow these safety tips and tools to keep your school safe!
Tools for Schools Safety Tips

District Award:  Eyes on Safety

Material Data Safety Sheets 

Calling the Public School Works Safety Hotline (this is the quickest option):  
1-866-724-6650, and press 2.  

OR by accessing the Superior School District's Google Drive here: 
Google Drive--Safety Data Sheets

OR by going through this online link:

OR by accessing Public School Works Online Chemical Binder here:
Log in to Public School Works
(Once logged in, click Employee Safe or My Safety Portal)

Additionally, you can use Windows Explorer when at school to access the Safety Data Sheets. Navigate to: Q:\District\SafetyDataSheets 

Note:  There is a shortcut in that folder.  You can copy this shortcut to your desktop for quick access to these sheets.

If you have questions feel free to contact your Safety Committee:  

Bobby Matherly (Chair)
Ext 10112