Middle School ACP

 Communication with Parents and Students

Parents will be informed through newsletters, counselor’s web page, and emails. There will be special invitations for the career fair in 8th grade. Twice a year students and parents will be invited to parent teacher conferences to learn about career programming and academic planning to achieve student success. Parents can schedule an appointment with their child’s counselor or participate in a large group presentation. Parents will receive a password to career cruising parent portal to maintain consistent updates to their child’s plan. 


arrows in a circle connections

Professional development provided to staff to assist with delivering academic and career planning services to students. 

  • Counselors attend training or workshops provided by DPI and through our CESA 12 network, for example Career Cruising training.
  • Connecting the career planning process with subject area curriculum so that there is a seamless integration into the classroom.
  • Use a flow chart format to provide information to students and parents about courses available for career planning at the time of transition and registration to high school.

 Career Exploration 6th Grade

  • Start ACP on Career Cruising in Digital Literacy Class
  • Freewrite: What Career Would You Like to Have When You Grow Up?
  • A-Z Career Activity
  • Career Conferences with Parents

    A-Z Careers Worksheet career choices on arrow shaped signs lined up one on top of another

                                           Career Exploration 7th Grade

  • Self-exploration Personality Profile
  • Career Cruising Interest Inventory Assessments
  • Career Exploration Paper
  • Career Conferences with Parents


 combinations of the career test scores

Career Exploration 8th Grade  

future career sign

  • Personality Assessment
  • Interest Inventory
  • Four Year High School Plan
  • Career Exploration Summary Paper
  • Career Fair 
  • Career Conferences with Parents 


career fair sign

The “Career Fair” is presented through the collaboration of WITC, Community Partners, and the Superior School District.

SMS students talking to chef

Students are presented with the opportunity to hear local professional presentations, ask questions, and research potential future careers.


SMS students speaking to law enforcement sms students listening