High School ACP

Education for Employment Grades 9-12

Plans and Program Communication with Parents and Students 

At each grade level parents will:

  • 9th grade: Receive a powerpoint presentation during laptop orientation and a comprehensive handout.
  • 10th grade: Notified by announcements on the counselor webpage and school newsletter of the career planning and review process prior to scheduling.
  • 11th grade: Notified and invited to attend a junior conference parent night to review information covered in junior conferences.
  • 12th grade: Notified by announcements on the counselor webpage and school newsletter of the senior check that includes student’s graduation readiness and post-secondary plan.

9th through 12th grade:

  • All parents are invited to attend parent-teacher conferences.
  • Counselors are available for individual appointments to discuss career planning for their son/daughter. All parents are able to make appointments with their son/daughter’s counselor at any time throughout the school year.

Throughout the year, parents can access the progress of their child’s planning by:

  • Accessing the Parent/guardian career cruising portal access.
  • Connect with school counselors on schedule pickup/picture day before the start of the school year for conversation regarding their son/daughter’s career planning & schedule.


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Freshman Year: KNOW

  • All counselors review and discuss each student’s four-year plan with them in an individual session.

Freshman parent information 
Freshman Orientation Powerpoint

Sophomore Year: EXPLORE

  • A career unit is conducted in biology class led by a counselor using career cruising software prior to scheduling. 
  • Students review and edit their four-year plan.  
  • Students complete the Careers that Interest Me tool.
  • Students start to use the School Selector tool to examine post-secondary schools choices. 
  • Student are also encouraged to use the Resume tool to track their school and community activities and start to build a resume. 

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Junior Year: PLAN 

  • Students complete career work during advisory/L&L hour led by a counselor using the career cruising software. 
  • Students have the option to attend WITC Career day and explore programs available at WITC.
  • Students again review and edit their four-year plan.
  • Students complete an individual career conference with their counselor. The junior conference includes:
    • a review of their credit status with feedback on what students have left to complete for high school requirements and college prerequisites.
    • ACT/SAT/ASVAB testing and test prep options are discussed.
    • Student’s post high school career plans are discussed.
    • Students understand the timeline for applying to college, applying for scholarships, and applying for financial aid.
    •   Materials and resources are shared with students to assist them in their post high school planning. 

Junior Conference parent night powerpoint


Senior Year: GO

  • Students complete a senior check with counselor to ensure they have a graduatable schedule.
  • Students are reminded of the timeline to apply for colleges, scholarships, & financial aid.
  • Individual support is provided as needed to assist students with their post high school plans.


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