Before and After School Program

​The Before and After School Programs strive to expand opportunities for positive youth development through high-quality, affordable academic enrichment and wellness activities outside the traditional school day.

NOTE:  The Great Lakes AND Northern Lights Before and After School Programs are currently full and not accepting any more applications.

The After School Program Scholarship Form is now available. There are a limited amount of scholarships available for the 2017-2018 school year. Please click on the following link: 

After School Program Scholarship Application  

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Please contact Nicky Wilson if you have any questions about the program.
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Kids playing

Girls Reading

Independent Reading
The After School Program supports the literacy initiative of the district by fostering a love for reading in the program.  Students have the opportunity to read books of their choice from the school library and classroom libraries throughout the week.  They are given time to read and also the opportunity to share with students and staff about the books they are reading.
Homework Support
The program also provides academic enrichment and support; however this time is not designated for extensive homework help.

​Contact Nicky Wilson 
Family Services Program Coordinator

​715-394-8740, Ext 30127

Ann Patzen
Family Services Secretary