Kindergarten Enrollment

Kindergarten Roundup

Children are invited with their parent(s) to visit your neighborhood Superior School during Kindergarten Round-up this Spring. A RSVP is required to attend Kindergarten Roundup. You will need to bring your child’s health information, current immunizations and proof of address to Round up.

Do you need to apply for Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year?

The Superior School District welcomes all children who turn five before September 1st, 2018 to enroll in Kindergarten. Please read the information below to determine if you need to fill out an enrollment form.


Is your student already enrolled in the Superior Community Preschool Program?

If YES, you DO NOT need to reapply for kindergarten. Your student will automatically be enrolled in their neighborhood school. If you have updates to your address or questions please contact your child’s SCP 4k teacher, email, or Jennifer  Willoughby at 715-394-8700 ext. 10170.

If you child attends SCP 4k at a school other than their neighborhood school, you will need to apply for Open Enrollment for Kindergarten before February 23rd, 2018. Open Enrollment Information can be found on our here. If approved for Open Enrollment your student will be automatically transferred to the approved school.

If NO, you will need to complete the enrollment process.

Superior School District Enrollment  Process

  1. Complete the Online Enrollment form. Click here to access it now.
    You will need:
  1. Immunization Records
  2. Proof of address(mortgage, lease, utility bill)
  3. Medical Information
  4. Emergency Information
  1. Birth Certificate brought into our District Office or Neighborhood School